Running a business in Alberta requires several elements to be successful: capital, a strong customer base, and the right vehicles to keep your business running. We might not be able to provide you with the first two elements, but here at Griffiths Ford we can certainly provide you with the third! Our fleet of commercial vehicles has everything you need for your business no matter what it’s size.

All that’s required to start shopping for fleet vehicles is a Ford Fleet Identification Number (FIN), so either Contact Us today or contact the Canadian Fleet Headquarters at FOCFHQ@ford.com or call 800-668-5515. Once you have your FIN you have access to a wealth of information, including:

Up-to-Date Fleet and Vehicle Information – browse the entire Ford fleet lineup online, anytime, anywhere! Talk to us today for full product services as well as vehicle ordering details.
Access to Fleet Services & Programs – now you can review your orders online, as well as select a variety of financing options. You can also find vehicle specifications, product brochures, catalogues, and other reference material.

The Latest Ford Fleet News & Offers – as a registered user, you gain access to the very latest information, print materials, owners manuals, and other documentation to keep you in the know.
Receive Extraordinary Care with Programs like Quality Fleet Care Program – uniquely designed for Ford of Canada Fleets, this program bundles several customer care programs to create the perfect way to manage your fleet. Take advantage of higher vehicle in-service time, streamlined repair costs, as well as overall increased efficiency with the coordination, tracking, and budgeting for your fleet.

Our Fleet Lineup

Ready to find the best fleet vehicles in all of Hinton, Yellowhead County, Jasper & Grande Cache in Alberta? Browse Our Fleet Lineup to find a huge selection of vehicles that are guaranteed to get the job done. Everything from small commercial vans perfect for inner-city transport to heavy-duty work trucks ideal for hauling tons of cargo is available right here!