In the Community

Third Annual Happy Creek Clean-up 2022

Every May we take a Saturday morning and clean up the stretch of Happy Creek that is East of the dealership. If you have ever been to Hinton you know that the wind likes to blow here which means all kinds of things gather in the trees surrounding the creek.

This section of trail is the beginning of the Town of Hinton trail system that will take you up to the Beaver Boardwalk, which is the world’s longest freshwater boardwalk. The next time you are in for service take a stroll along the Trail and enjoy some fresh mountain air.

Renovations 2022

For those who don’t know, Ford requires its stores to renovate every 15 years. Our last renovation was in 2007 so by June of this year, we must have shovels in the ground so to speak. We’ve been working with Ford over the past 3-4 years on the plans and finally, have everything ready to go.

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